Since 1979 working in the gas industry

The company PROCOGI works since 1979 in the gas industry. PROCOGI in 1982  incorporates the company TECNIGAS spa manufacturer of systems of gas-air mixing since from1960. 
The headquarters is located in the industrial area of Milan, Italy. Designs, construct and operates facilities for the distribution and use of gas, with its know-how, the result from the experience acquired by the holder in over forty years of activity.

"The our mission is the customer satisfaction"

We offer:

  • NG regulating and metering stations.
  • LPG vaporization systems.
  • Mixing Systems methane-air, LPG-air, uncondensable refinery gas-air, NG-blast furnace gas.
  • Increase gross value calorific of biogas with the mixing of LPG.
  • LPG storages and filling of LPG cylinders.
  • Equipment NG and LPG.


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