The Procogi company has been on the market since 1979 and realizes:

- Automatic LPG/air mixing plants, fuel gas/air, NG/air, NG/ blast furnace gas or other gases, for distribution and / or integration and reserve, both for civil use in city and industrial networks; with at intake air (injectors) for low and medium pressures, it does not need auxiliary energy; air blown for  high  pressures.

- Decompression and measurement NG stations.

- LPG vaporization systems for civil and industrial distribution and electricity production.

- LPG storages.

- LPG filling cylinders plants.

- Filling car LPG.

- NG transferring systems from the tank wagons.

- Enrichment facilities PCS biogas with GPL.

- Low-medium-high pressure regulators for gas.

- Components for LPG and NG systems, filters, heat exchangers, vaporizers.

- Operating maintenance.

- Staff training.

- Plants technical management.    

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